My appreciation for art and interiors began at age ten, when my mother redecorated our white-walled townhouse with rich orange, blue and apple green walls.  It seemed perfectly natural and right to me!  I spent my youth in art-related pursuits - drawing and  painting, singing in choir, and acting in plays and musicals. Our home was full of opera, 

jazz and classical music. Needless to say, going into an art-related field was a foregone conclusion!

After earning a BFA and MFA in fine arts, I explored life as a studio artist, arts educator,

and jewelry designer.  It was only upon buying and renovating my 1916 bungalow that I discovered my true calling  - helping people love and live better in their homes. I enrolled in and Interior Design program and was bitten by the remodeling process.  I've never looked back.

Eighteen years as a designer has affirmed my belief that a home we love supports us to be more of ourselves and who we are becoming. It is an to be a trusted partner in my clients' journeys!

Gail Jacobson


Phone: 612-310-7069 / email:

                    3657 39th Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55406

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