Whether your Goal is to Refresh, Reconfigure, or Restructure your home, we

will guide you to a highly personal, functional and beautiful design solution.

We stand for: 

Authentic Design

We start by uncovering, discovering and prioritizing the "why" - your core needs and 

motivations - the experience you want to create.  Do you dream of a space to grow into, or are you

becoming an empty nester? Do you need the haven of a home office, or just a few updates? 

Understanding the "whys" provides a clear blueprint for the path forward. 

Purposeful Design 

Once we know the "whys", we formulate the "what". An extraordinary space plan

that elegantly supports your daily routines and life events, with every element contributing

to its beauty and function. And our beautiful, detailed, computer-generated

drawings will bring your vision to life with color and texture, ensuring that you make

critical decisions with confidence.  

Extraordinary Design

How do we do it? We marry science with art. We blend time-tested design principles with 

your definitions of beauty and function. We balance color, texture, scale, proportion, unity

and variety to make a room come alive.  We help you select just the right materials and finishes.

We imbue spaces with meaning by building the design around a treasured object or

collection. Each finished project is one-of-a-kind expression of your authentic self. 


 great for small projects, or the feasibility stage of a larger project.

We can also support your DIY project. Use the Contact page to get started!

     1-Hour Virtual Consultation: $95

Get help with a specific design question

  • Gather ideas for redecorating a room

  • Topics that are easily covered in an hour: paint colors, furniture arrangements, kitchen or bathroom "face-lift" ideas

  • You may use the time any way that works for you!

One-Room Conceptual Design: $750.00 



  • A 45-minute telephone interview to discuss your needs, wants and budget  

  • Conduct a site visit to measure the room 

  • Create a conceptual design plan for your space 

  • Conduct a "virtual" design review meeting 

  • Revise the plan to incorporate your feedback  

  • Deliver your design via email, in PDF format​\

Home Purchase Feasibility Study: $295.00  (*)



  • One site visit to the property  

  • Tour the property, discuss ideas for upgrades and renovations 

  • Follow up via email with written documentation, including photographs and notes 

(*) We are happy to bring a licensed contractor with us to provide

advice for structural changes and maintenance items at an

additional fee)


"Major credit for the success of the projects goes to

Gail Jacobson.  The right first step, selecting Fresh Space Design LLC. and Gail Jacobson, set our project on the path of success.   We are most grateful.  She will be on speed dial for all projects."

"We are extremely happy with the finished product.   Hiring Gail to help with the design saved us time and money. We plan to recommend Fresh Space Design to friends who need design work done."


Phone: 612-310-7069 / email: gail@freshspacedesignllc.com

                    3657 39th Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55406

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