• Gail Jacobson

Brighten from The Ground Up!

In the past few months, we've been confined, living, working and playing in the same spaces, without much relief. The effect of our interiors on our psyches is relentless sameness. We're noticing the shabby, un-maintained corners of our rooms. We might be feeling edgy, heavy, anxious or un-tethered, with a recurring "urge to splurge", to shake something up. Suggestion: instead of buying a boat, or an island (putting yourself in debt might make you feel worse!) - start in one space, literally "from the ground up". Swap out a rug - for a season or more. Colors that lift the spirits: yellow, orange, coral, turquoise, apple green. Whether you like traditional, modern, vintage, or global style, in saturated or pastel tones, there is something available from an on-line or brick and mortar outlet that will lift your mood. Here are a few that I like:



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