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Survey Says..................................................

Every year Design Industry professionals ask: "What do consumers want?", and "What will they want going forward?". Yearly industry Shows like KBIS display the most current and innovative products. Researchers survey the public, seeking information about everything from the macro to the micro.

As in most segments of the economy, while remodeling trends come and go, real change happens slowly and incrementally - with just small "nudges" in one or another direction.

So far, in 2023, the top three reasons to remodel remain steady:

  1. The desire to update the out-of-date

  2. The desire to finally fix what's broken and worn out

  3. A comfort level with making a meaningful investment

Let's dig a little deeper: When Homeowners do decide to invest, what do they most often ask for?

Most popular Projects

The number one kitchen project remains a "full gut" remodel, with a complete change of cabinetry, and change in layout, while a smaller percentage of consumers still want to remodel, but on a smaller scale. This might include: adding a few cabinets, adding interior cabinet features, new countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, a new backsplash and/or new appliances.

Top Remodeling Trend: Biophilia and Biophilic Design

Articles and seminars on this topic are everywhere. The main goal of Biophilic design is for our interior spaces to connect us more closely to nature. It's principles include placing natural objects or systems - live plants, wood, nature sounds, water features - into our spaces, and increasing our experience of nature through skylights, windows, glass doors and ventilation.


Top Style Trends

"Transitional" style - or a mix of traditional and modern - remains most highly requested. Farmhouse style is also trending. But Mid-Century Modern is in high demand, and has eclipsed "Modern" in popularity. los-angeles

Transitional Farmhouse Style Mid-Century Modern

Top Color Trends

While white and off white walls and cabinets remain popular, we have been steadily moving away from white-on-white, "blizzard" kitchens. Color is creeping back in. Open any magazine or design-related websites, and you will see soft, restful and grays, blues and greens in abundance, often side by side with whites and natural wood tones.

For the edgier and more adventurous, bright rich colors that evoke a retro or whimsical vibe are popping up at industry shows. Homeowners are looking for spaces that create a mood.

Dark with pops of light = Moody and Dramatic

Light with pops of dark = Serene and Calming

In the plumbing fixture arena, Kohler is leading with it's new "Heritage Collection" of pink, sage, lavender and gold fixtures.

Gold and luxe black stainless, as well as combined matte and polished metals are gaining popularity in fixtures and appliances.

Backsplashes are trending towards soft, natural "mixed" materials, with glass and stone in high demand. Two rising trends: 1) a shift towards solid quartz and porcelain slabs, and 2) increasingly sculptural tile/3d tile and solid surfaces.

Visual Contrast

Higher contrast and textural variety are finding their way into our interiors, including: the combination of painted and stained cabinets in the same space; a mix of more subdued and splashier countertops; matte and polished surfaces within fixtures, and the interplay of man-made and natural textures.

Rough and smooth textures Subdued and Dynamic Painted and Stained

Countertops Cabinets

Texture and Pattern

Visual texture and pattern adds so much variety and liveliness to a kitchen design. Highly textured surfaces are exploding in the marketplace in a huge range of materials and

colors, including tile and solid surfaces.

Most -Wanted Kitchen Upgrades

The Kitchen Island

On the top of almost every list of "top kitchen wants" is either a new or reconfigured island with dedicated recessed, pendant, and/or chandelier lighting.

Fixtures and Appliances

Buyers are opting for high functioning, high quality and tech-supported performance ,

New Flooring

Appearance, durability, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance are top considerations for flooring decisions. Authentic hardwood is still most popular, followed by luxury vinyl and ceramic or porcelain.

Upgraded Lighting

Lighting upgrades - recessed, pendants, under cabinet, up-lighting - make a big impact. So many of us put up with bad lighting - we don't appreciate the difference great lighting can make until we have it!


The demand for sustainable materials and energy=smart appliances and fixtures is growing. Upgrades include:

  • Timeless design

  • LED lightbulbs and dimmers

  • Energy-efficient appliances

  • Water-efficient fixtures

  • Energy efficient windows

  • VOC free paints, finishes and coatings

  • Eco-friendly flooring and other materials

  • Non toxic, sustainable cabinets

  • Recycled materials

Enjoy learning about these trends? Visit for more photos and inspiration!

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