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Great design starts with the process of uncovering, discovering and prioritizing your core needs and vision. You might have a too-small bathroom a kitchen without a view, a basement space or whole house that doesn't work.

When you are ready to explore possibilities, the first step is to generate a "project roadmap".  If you already have lists, Pinterest boards, or just ideas in your head, we'll help you capture them and begin to shape them towards solutions.

We will always respect your budget, goals and  priorities.

Cohesive design solutions require great visualizing tools.  We create computer generate design drawings in both two and three dimensions to fully  bring your vision to life.

Our computer program is an incredible tool that helps you view spaces from every angle.  It easily renders images with realistic colors, textures, light and shadows, that can literally be changed with the click of a mouse.  

We create drawings that run the gamut from general and conceptual, to refined and specific; detailed enough to send to a contractor or cabinetmaker for bidding. 

Bringing your kitchen remodel, bath remodel or decorating project to life requires in-depth knowledge of design and a keen understanding of materials and finishes

We will guide you to just the right solution to infuse your new spaces with beauty, harmony, and ease of function - and truly express your personality 

Fresh Space Design will assist

you in finding  qualified contractors and vendors who will bring  skills and passion to your project.

Alternatively, we will happily collaborate with your contractor/subcontractors of choice.

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