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about Fresh Space Design

Fresh Space Design is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based full-service interior design firm that specializes in planning custom, residential remodeling projects. Working directly with homeowners or contractors, we value:


The heart of every project is you. We want your redesigned spaces to look like you, not us. Our goal is that you are delighted with your spaces, that they allow you to live, work, and play better.  The best compliment we receive is that a redesigned or remodeled space “looks like it was meant to be that way”.



Our process is designed to help make you feel comfortable. We encourage you to share your vision. We listen and explore ideas together. We see your home from your point of view. We then suggest changes that will

truly make a difference.



We bring our expertise and creativity to every project.  We

balance aesthetics (how does it look?) and function (does it work?)

to create a one-of-a-kind result that expresses your definition of beauty, function and home.



We are available to help with every size of project and budget. We will review your blueprints or DIY designs, help you find the perfect rug, design a kitchen remodel or an entire home transformation.

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My appreciation for interior design began at age ten, when my mother redecorated our white-walled townhouse with rich orange, blue and apple green walls.  It seemed perfectly natural and right to me!  I spent my youth in art-related pursuits – drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and acting in plays and musicals. Our home was filled with the sounds of opera,  jazz and classical music. Needless to say, going into an art-related field was a foregone conclusion!


After earning a BFA and MFA in fine arts, I explored life as a studio artist, arts educator, and jewelry designer.  It was only upon buying and renovating my 1916 bungalow that I discovered my true calling  - helping people love and live better in their homes. I enrolled in an Interior Design program and was bitten by the remodeling process.  I've never looked back.


Fresh Space Design was born from my wish to offer homeowners an extraordinary interior design experience, with finished spaces that express their definition of home. Twenty years as a designer has affirmed my belief that our interior spaces either support and nurture us, or work against us; they are critical to our well-being. Creating a well-designed space is a journey. It is an honor to be a trusted partner in my clients' journeys!




Artful Creation

services + fees

For Homeowners

Fresh Space Design offers a full range of interior design services.

You may engage us for a single consultation, a feasibility study,

space planning or decorating ideas, or a complete remodel or

addition.  We offer both hourly-rate and project fee options,

depending on the size and scope of the project. 

For Contractors and Designers

Partnering with Fresh Space Design will support your profitability

and increase your referral business. We can plug in at any point

in the process. If needed, we will shepherd your clients from

the first design meeting to the punch list.  We craft clear,

stunning drawings to illustrate your or your clients' vision, and

to aid in your bidding and/or permitting process. We can guide

your client through selections with clear documentation to help

reduce costly errors and keep your projects moving.  Our active

listening, client-centered approach and strong design aesthetic

will ensure a positive experience and enthusiastic referrals.




We start with an initial telephone conversation to understand your core needs and motivations - the experience you want to create.  Perhaps talking with us will be the first step in your journey!  We also want to learn about the timeline and budget for your project. Our conversation will help us determine next steps. We may recommend a virtual visit, or suggest meeting in person at your home.



If your project is smaller or simpler in scope, one of our design packages could suit your needs.  

Each has defined tasks and a fixed fee. 



Virtual Consultation

Are you contemplating a remodeling or redecorating project and would like to explore ideas with a design professional? Are you in the middle of a project and need inspiration? This package includes a one-hour virtual consultation through a web-based meeting platform. You decide how you would like to structure the meeting.  Our follow up includes a written synopsis of our conversation,, including design ideas, resource suggestions and vendor/contractor recommendations, 



Home Purchase Feasibility Study

Are you considering a home purchase, and need a design professional to help you envision how you would make the home fit your needs? This package includes: a  tour of the property, ideas for upgrades and renovations, and a written recap of our meeting, including photographs and notes.

We are happy to include a licensed contractor in the site visit to provide advice for structural changes and maintenance items at an additional fee.   



One-Room Conceptual Design

Have you been dreaming about a  remodel but don't how to get started? A One-Room Conceptual Design will give you inspiration and  confidence! We start with an in-home visit to explore your vision, wish list and budget. We will measure and photograph your room, create a conceptual design maximizing function and style, a floor plan with key dimensions, beautiful 3-d

renderings, and recommendations for materials, fixtures, contractors and vendors.  Design of adjacent spaces, additional design concepts, cabinet elevations, final material selections, and construction drawings are available at an additional fee.


“My experience with Gail has been great so far…... She is always punctual, professional, and very responsive. She is considerate of her time (and the cost of that time) and her fees are reasonable - in my opinion it is well worth it to have someone knowledgeable on your side and helping to steer you in the right direction. I plan to continue to ask for that knowledge and guidance as we work through my project. During our initial consultation, Gail listened very closely to my goals and to what I dislike about my house. She immediately thought of ideas I hadn't previously considered. A couple of weeks later I had my plans, including elevations and renderings to use for obtaining quotes. She even drafted another idea (on her time) in case I wanted to go a different direction. She has given me guidance on cabinet selection (styles, materials, construction) and has given me recommendations for cabinet makers, flooring suppliers, painters, etc."




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