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Considering a New Front Entry?

Front entries serve a variety of functions. An overhang provides shelter for ringing a doorbell or digging for ones keys. A vestibule may house a coat closet, coat hooks, a bench or a mudroom. A screened, open or fully enclosed porch offers a place for outdoor living. No matter the size or style, a front entry’s projection, roofline and architectural details can add charming character.

Psychologically speaking, a front entry is a transition from exterior to interior, from public to private space. As the last stage in our approach, it helps form our impression of a house and its owners. A gracious, harmonious, proportionate, and well-designed front entry is truly an extension of a home. It Is welcoming and embracing – it just feels right. A poorly designed front entry leaves one imagining what might have been.

If you are considering a new front entry, the goal should be getting it “right”. Focus on the right size, style, proportion and materials that suit your functional needs and compliment your home. Partner with an experienced designer who will balance these factors, is knowledgeable about proper construction methods, and will create drawings that illustrate their concepts. Your collaboration will ensure that all the boxes are ticked!

Each of these Longfellow neighborhood facades meshes perfectly with it’s home.

A study in proportion and scale: on the left: existing front entry. Right: conceptual drawing of a proposed new front entry.

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