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Fresh Colors for 2021

The job of a professional color forecaster is to predict the colors – year after year and across all industries - that will express societal trends and the collective mood. It's obvious that for 2021, the crystal balls were working overtime! These incoming palettes are a virtual antidote to the cold grays and whites of recent seasons, and they are just what we need right now.

I'm always excited to see how Sherwin Williams interprets the trends. For 2021, the Sherwin Williams Colormix® Color Forecast 2021 includes four distinct but related palettes:


Colors that nurture and comfort. Warm, neutral & natural colors of earth, peat,

moss and copper ore


Colors that express simplicity and authenticity. Rich, muted mossy greens, warm taupes, earthy reds, midnight blues and vintage golds.


Colors to inspire creativity and adventure. Complex, cool and warm grays and whites with pastel and deep accents


Colors that reach back to the past. Rich but tempered, classically inspired, evoking a calm, quite optimism

I encourage you to refresh a single room or your entire home with one or more of these inspiring palettes!

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