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Remodel or Move?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In the past few years, many of us have faced the decision of whether to move or stay. Do we upsize? Do we downsize? Do we stay and explore ways to love and live better where we are planted? It's the ubiquitous "love it or list it" conundrum.

Like many of you, I've waded through and between options. After a few years of ambivalence, I decided to keep my Minnesota home, and purchase a small winter home to escape to.

Current trends - rising home prices, property bidding wars, and booked-out remodelers (lots of whom won't return your calls!), don't seem to be abating. Yes, the cost of construction materials are leveling off, but the stock market is keeping us on our toes.

Deciding whether to stay or move is about balancing competing needs. The equation depends on our age, household size, financial security, and many other factors. If you need extra space, love your neighborhood, and have means, then investing in your home makes sense. If you are considering a remodel or addition, I encourage you to explore exactly how much change will help you love and live better in your home, now and into the future. And to gather a remodeling team that will guide you to the design solution that checks all of the boxes!

Before and Afters

1. St. Paul Bungalow Kitchen Remodel

2. St. Paul 1990's Kitchen Remodel

3. Minneapolis Bungalow Bath Remodel

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