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Everywhere I go, folks look depressed, glassy-eyed, sluggish. After the perfunctory "How ya doin'?", every conversation immediately segues to "eh, so so. The weather is so awful!" And it is. We hit a record low last night, and the sun seems to have deserted us. On many levels, it's challenging to get motivated, to get moving!

In the remodeling industry, contractors are scrambling to source materials, get estimates out and schedule new projects, Clients are awaiting proposals and project starts, anticipating long project durations and higher prices. Every day, bad news compounds. Inflation, war, the stock market. And spring has decided to make us wait, and wait, and wait.

I'm a Designer - a lover of high functioning, aesthetically pleasing, joy-inspiring spaces. I am a born Problem-Solver and Improver. I take those roles seriously and gain immeasurable satisfaction from helping people love and live better in their homes.

It's a bit challenging to be a Helper right now, but here are some thoughts:

1. Wear some of your spring and summer clothes (stay warm, of course!).

2. Paint a room, and maybe take a little risk with color. Swatch it first, then go for it.

3. Donate those worn-out pillows. If they have zippers and the insides are still viable, you

may just need new covers (There are SO many places to get inexpensive decor these


4. Get your rug(s) cleaned. Or - move an older one to a bedroom or office, and bring a new

one in to update your main living space. There are so many options available at all

price points.

5. Bring out your spring/summer bedding. It's will lift your mood, I promise!

6. Start planning a project. Meet with a designer or contractor to lob some ideas. Stop

wondering - and really find out how much your dream kitchen or bathroom could look

and will cost, You can always decide to postpone, save up, explore a HELOC, a construction loan, or shave the plan down to bring it into your budget comfort range.

Finally, TRY to find things that make you smile and laugh. Spring will come, and soon enough, we'll all be complaining about how hot we are!

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