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The Dog Days of Summer - The Perfect Time For Planning!

This time of year, I always experience the "back-to-school" and "winter is coming!" syndrome. After planting and nurturing my garden, and finishing design duties for client projects with summer and fall starts, I'm feeling lethargic, a bit "blue". But I know that the trajectory will turn upwards, so I'm starting to think ahead. If you, like me, are thinking about a winter or spring project, especially one that requires planning, pricing and purchasing, it's great time to get a head of the curve. The Dog Days are great days to get moving on a "needs and wants" inventory, a design plan, or an initial estimate. That way, you'll be the client who locks down a spot on your contractor's winter or spring schedule. If you want to be done for Passover, Easter, graduation, or wedding season, start your dreaming now!

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